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Course of Studies



Connecting to Wellness 275

Hybrid PE & Health course; year-long; units include: Units include: Nutrition, Racket Activities, Fitness, Mental Health, Growth & Reproduction, Swimming, Alcohol/Tobacco/Drugs, Invasion Game, Disease & First Aid, and Cooperative Games.




Activity-Based Courses

Fitness-Based Courses

Leadership Courses

Individual & Lifetime Sports 264

Racket activities; Frisbee; Water activities/Fitness; Target games/Fitness

Yoga 263

Vinyasa yoga flow

Junior Leadership 285**

General overview of all activities; leadership development; train to work with PE classes as a senior

Competitive Sports 286

Invasion sports; striking & fielding sports; team sports

Athletic Development 282

Sport specific workouts in the weight room 

P.O.W.E.R. 268**

Need to apply to be a mentor; mentors are paired with students with special needs during their PE class

Scuba 288**

Pre-req=swim 20 laps; if students want to get certified it’s +$150 (not required)

Strength/Cardio. Respiratory Conditioning 289

1-2 days weight workouts; 1-2 days cardio workouts

Senior Leadership 291**

Seniors who took Jr. Leaders will be a leader for an assigned PE class.

Outdoor Education 290**

Rollerblade, bike, climbing, kayaking, team building

Total Body Conditioning 287

Everyday is different, activities include: self-defense, kickboxing, yoga, Zumba, circuit workouts, step aerobics, etc.


Dance I&II 283,284

Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop and Fitness


*Sophomores will only take one semester of Physical Education and one semester Driver Ed

**Year-long elective

Juniors and Seniors can select up to 2 different semester electives or 1 year-long electives to earn their PE credit


 (Please see the Course Selection Guide on you school's Counseling page for a more detailed description of each course)