Community High School District 218

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Physical Education

Illinois is the last state in our country that requires daily physical education for every K-12 public school student.  As physical educators, due at least in part to this situation, we feel that our schools offer the best physical education experience for our students.  In District 218, we offer an array of experiences that help students better their physical selves, but that's not all.  We believe strongly in the research that supports the connections between physical health and academic achievement, between fitness and mental-emotional health, and between physical education and leadership, sportsmanship, cooperation, and teamwork.  
State and national standards for physical education focus on three primary areas for students:  Development of physical competency in one or more movement (sports,dance,etc.) activities, understanding of fitness principles and personal fitness improvement, and the development of the social skills and competencies (in education language, the affective domain).  We strive to make certain that every student has an opportunity to master these standards during their six physical education semesters in District 218.
One principle that we hold dear is the importance of ---- how shall I put this --- getting out there and doing it!   Daily performance is essential to master the aforementioned standards and is a significant part of a student's grade.  We understand that not every student is a "PE Superstar" but every student is expected to dress for class, perform to their utmost, and strive to improve every day!