Assessment Overview

Due to the Coronavirus/COVID-19 Outbreak, the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) has suspended all state-mandated assessments beginning 3/27. Also, the College Board has made significant changes to the format and administration of AP Exams. Please see the Coronavirus/COVID-19 Assessment-Related Updates Tab for more information.
The Assessment Department oversees all standardized district-wide testing for Community High School District 218 with a special focus on the assessments mandated by the Illinois State Board of Education. 
The Assessment Department's mission is to provide each student with an optimal testing environment; an optimal testing environment is one that is free of distractions, is safe and comfortable, and includes appropriate accommodations as indicated for individual students.
Community High School District 218 recognizes that the assessments it oversees have significant impact on students' lives--from course placement and instructional grouping (MAP, ACCESS, etc.) to college credit and college admissions (AP, SAT, etc.), the District strives to ensure that every student's assessment results are an accurate reflection of their abilities and skills.
Director of Assessment
Anthony Corsi
(708) 424-2000 x2512
District Project Manager
Aminah Garcia
(708) 424-2000 x2876
Project Manager - Alan B. Shepard High School
Lindsay Baumgartner
Project Manager - Harold L. Richards High School
Emily Gesell