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Assessment Name(s)
  • NWEA MAP Growth: Reading (6+) CCSS 2010 V2
  • NWEA MAP Growth: Math (6+) CCSS 2010 V2
Vendor/Overseen by
  • Northwest Evaluation Association
Testing Date(s) for 2020-2021 School Year
  • 9/8-9/25 - Fall Testing - on hold due to COVID-19
  • 1/11-1/29 - Winter Testing
Students Testing
  • Select 9th grade students
  • All students enrolled in Strategies for Learning
  • All SPED students except for those enrolled in BUILD, MID/Foundations, Autism, and/or Multi-Needs Programs
Purpose and Description
  • Used for initial 9th grade placement for ELA, math, science, and social studies (along with teacher recommendations and 8th grade grades)
  • Used to monitor "on-track" progress of 9th grade students
  • Used for progress monitoring of SPED students
  • Administered as a computer-adaptive test on student iPads
Estimated Time
  • about 1 hour each
Interpreting Scores
  • MAP Scores are returned as RIT scores for each area tested (math and reading) and subcomponents of each test (i.e., informational texts, literary texts, vocabulary, etc.)
Cut Scores for Freshman Placements (8th Grade Fall MAP Scores)
Course Reading RIT Scores Math RIT Scores
Literacy Workshop 216 or lower N/A
English 1 217-225 N/A
English 1 Honors 226 or higher N/A
Algebra 1 Block (Support) N/A 211 or lower
Algebra 1 N/A 212-229
Algebra 1 Honors N/A 230 or higher
Biology 221 or lower N/A
Biology Honors 222 or higher N/A
Geography 225 or lower N/A
Geography Honors 226 or higher N/A
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