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Assessment Name
  • Dynamic Learning Maps Alternate Assessment (DLM-AA)
Vendor/Overseen by
  • Dynamic Learning Maps
  • Illinois State Board of Education
Testing Date(s) for 2020-2021 School Year
  • March 3, 2021-May 5, 2021 (window)
Students Testing
  • Specific 9th grade SPED students*
  • Specific 10th grade SPED students*
  • Specific 11th grade SPED students*
  • *DLM-AA is administered to students with significant cognitive impairment in place of state-mandated PSAT and SAT testing; participation in DLM-AA is determined by the IEP process
Purpose and Description
  • Standards-based ELA, math, and science assessment of students with significant cognitive impairment
  • Mandated by ISBE (used for accountability and evaluation of school/district)
  • Administered as a computer-based test
Estimated Time
  • 4-5 hours
Interpreting Scores
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