Shepard Science Wing

Alternative Recovery of Credit (ARC)

A student enrolled in the District's credit recovery program may receive high school credit for coursework previously not completed, provided:
  1. The course is offered through the District's Alternative Recovery of Credit Program (ARC)
  2. Grade(s) will be assigned according to the District 218's grading scale.
  3. The student is at least a third year student who needs .5 or more credits to graduate.
  4. Students may enroll in only two courses at one time, unless waived by the Principal.
  5. The student assumes responsibility for all fees.
  6. No dual enrollment (e.g. a student cannot be enrolled in English 4 and ARC English 4 at the same time)
  7. The counselor must have a conversation with Principal or Associate Principal before enrolling student in ARC and the Associate Principal/Principal must sign off on all ARC registration forms.
  8. The Principal approves the course in advance.
  9. Principals or Associate Principals may waive year in school and courses enrolled in at a time if there are extenuating circumstances and after having conversation with the counselor.
Credit recovered through ARC may exceed credit received through correspondence or distance learning courses with the approval of the Principal.

Program Details
  • Fee: $75/course
  • Monday-Thursday
  • 3:25pm-5:15pm
  • All CHSD 218 rules/policies apply
  • Sign up through counselor
  • Alan B. Shepard High School
  • Dwight D. Eisenhower High School
  • Harold L. Richards High School