Shepard Science Wing


 Administrative Center
Dr. Josh Barron Superintendent x2500
Dr. Sue Feeney Associate Superintendent x2561
Dr. Greg Walder Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources and Operations x2521
Ms. Danita Allen Director of Community Engagement x2425
Dr. Erik Briseno Director of Curriculum and Instruction x2405
Mr. Rodger Ford Director of Buildings and Grounds x2551
Dr. Jacqueline E. Johnson Director of Articulation and Equity x2416
Mr. John Palcu Director of Security x2950
Ms. Kerri Piscitelli Director of Special Services x2562
Mr. Tim Prost Director of Technology and Information Services x2511
Mr. Dustin Cochrane Assistant Director of Special Education x2563
Mr. Andrew Deines Assistant Director of Data and Assessment x2512
Ms. Brooke Ksygkakis Assistant Director of the Arts x2565
Ms. Lisa Krueger Assistant Director of Buildings and Grounds x2546
Dr. Katherine Kain Curriculum Director of Support Services and Inspire Clinic Director x2564
Ms. Karen Krueger Curriculum Director of Foreign Language and EL x2420
Mr. Frank LaMantia Curriculum Director of Business Education, Family & Consumer Sciences, Technology & Engineering Education, and JROTC x2412
Mr. Sean McSweeney Curriculum Director of Social Studies  x2415
Mr. Ray Stadt Curriculum Director of Science and Art x2414
Ms. Audra VanRaden Curriculum Director of Physical Education, Health, Driver Education, and Music x2411
Mr. Ronell Whitaker Curriculum Director of English Language Arts and LRC x2410
Mr. Anthony Corsi Business Manager x2541 
Ms. Tina Kelly Finance Director x2542
Ms. Kim Baumann Technology Services Manager x2515
Mr. Jon Ferriter Network and Systems Administrator x2514
Alan B. Shepard High School
Dr. Jen Pollack Principal x3510
Dr. Tim Baker Associate Principal x3530
Mr. Jim Kane Assistant Principal of Special Programs and Dean of Students x3541
Ms. Lindsey Nissen Assistant Principal of Activities and Athletics x3710
Ms. Marie Cerwin Assistant Principal of Special Education x3660
Mr. Tim Butler Assistant Principal of Attendance and Discipline x3610
Mr. Nick Bax Dean of Students x3542
 Dwight D. Eisenhower High School
Mr. Benjamin Blakeley Principal x4510
Dr. MaLinda Majoch Associate Principal x4530
Mr. Curry Gallagher Assistant Principal of Support Services x4670
Mr. Peter Hernon Assistant Principal of Athletics x4710
Ms. Juanita Lorenz Assistant Principal of Activities, Attendance, and Discipline x4660
Ms. Kelly Lucca Assistant Principal of Special Education x4610
Mr. Tony Dinolfo Dean of Students x4656
Mr. Rene Valdez Dean of Students x4655
Mr. Keith White Dean of Students x4657
 Harold L. Richards High School
Dr. Mike Jacobson Principal x5510
Dr. Justin Clark Associate Principal x5530
Mr. Tarek Cattan Assistant Principal of Activities, Attendance, and Discipline x5610
Dr. Katherine Kain Assistant Principal of Support Services x2564
Mr. Steve Proper Assistant Principal of Special Education x5660
Ms. Nicole Scolaro Assistant Principal of Support Services x5760
Mr. Brian Wujcik Assistant Principal of Athletics x5710
Mr. Aaron Griffin Dean of Students x5541
Mr. Mike Murphy Dean of Students x5545
Delta Learning Center / Summit Learning Center
708-371-1880 / 708-371-1986
Dr. Brian Roberts Director x7510
Ms. Beth Pawlowski Assistant Director x7660
Mr. Sam Bacino Dean of Students x6530
Adult Transition Program
Ms. Alison Wilde ATP Coordinator x2907
Mr. Jim McCormick ATP Assistant Coordinator x2906