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Equity Strategic Goal Initiatives

District 218 welcomes the diversity and the intersectionality of our community. Our strengths come from the racial, religious, gender, and cultural identity of our staff and students. The Community High School District 218 District Equity Leadership Team (DELT) is committed  to supporting and transforming systems so that all students can be successful in life. DELT is in the process of developing a Strategic Goal and Worthy Targets to support the Community High School District Strategic Plan.


  • Catalyzing systems change
  • Coordinating action plans
  • Cultivating new equity leadership
  • Capacity-building to disseminate skills and tools
  • Communicating about equity
  • Collecting and analyzing data
  • Championing racial and social justice.


Timeline of Actions Taken: (This website is updated periodically to reflect the action taken to achieve the Strategic Goals set forth from DELT). 

June 2020 - Reigniting DELT

August 2020- Strategic Plan: Assessing the CHSD 218 System