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Community High School District 218 Belief Statements

  • We accept and promote diversity as a positive force in our schools and community, and believe that diversity enhances learning.
  • We hold that everyone – teachers, staff and students – has the capacity to learn, and true learning is a result of community caring, partnering and networking.
  • We provide a safe and nurturing environment in our schools which fosters positive attitudes and creates collaborative classrooms to allow learners to reach their full potential.
  • We understand that learning takes place in communities, schools, homes and other social institutions and it requires a commitment to success by students, parents, faculty and community.
  • We embed technology skills throughout the total learning environment so all learners can meet the demands of, and compete in, the global marketplace.
  • We emphasize that the key to each individual learner’s success is to take advantage of any and all opportunities through self-discipline and motivation.
  • We teach those skills that enable all learners to express themselves appropriately and communicate effectively.
  • We provide ongoing, multiple and varied opportunities for the growth of the entire staff.
  • We emphasize the role of teacher as a learning facilitator who involves students and engages them fully in the learning process.
  • We support activity-oriented, hands-on learning experiences that connect to real world applications; these connections necessitate problem-solving, decision-making and higher order thinking skills.
  • We incorporate a variety of authentic instructional strategies and assessments for all learners.
  • We strive for excellence in student attainment of local, state and national standards of knowledge.
  • We expect quality work from each member of our learning community.

In conclusion, District 218 takes seriously its role to research, plan and pilot educational programs and processes that meet the needs of its students. Such issues as needs assessments, surveys and well-established research learning theories lay the foundation for the educational direction of District 218. Excellence comes only through the maximum mental, physical and social-psychological development of each student no matter the range of abilities and aptitudes. The total school experience in District 218 enhances the quality of life for each student.