Eisenhower High School

Step 5: Finalize Your High School Course Requests

Materials/Things Needed for the Course Selection Process

  • Course Recommendation Email

  • Class of 2026 Elective Sheet with circled top 4 options

  • Four-Year Plan of Study Sheet for Reference

Skyward Course Selection Process

  • Paper Instructions with a Loom

  • Skyward Link

  • Final Reminders

    • 7 Courses Selected for Each Semester

    • For PE: 

      • Option 1: Select Connecting to Wellness + Health for 1.0 Credits for the School Year

      • Option 2: Select JROTC + Health for 1.5 Credits for the School Year

Additional Course Selection Process Information for Parents:

For Students Who Would Like to Move Out of a Support Course: Please contact [email protected] to schedule a time for your student to take the Class of 2026 Academic Assessment.