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Goal Four: Connecting with Community

CHSD 218 will engage with its community members to develop relationships and partnerships that serve to teach our students about collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking while providing them exposure that fosters academic, social-emotional, and worldly growth.
Worthy Target 4A
Engage with our partner schools in ways which prepare students for their high school experience.
Worthy Target 4B
Develop, implement, and recognize service learning / community service programming within the CHSD 218 communities so students learn the value and importance of serving others.
Worthy Target 4C
Engage, network, and collaborate with the area business communities in ways that maximize career exposure and learning while maximizing the employment potential of our students.
Worthy Target 4D
Establish reciprocal partnerships with all CHSD 218 stakeholders including local businesses, governmental agencies, community members, school staff, parents, and students to integrate the high schools into their communities.
Worthy Target 4E
Better communicate with our communities about the educational benefits and positive attributes of a CHSD 218 education.