Shepard Science Wing

Goal One: Healthy School Climates

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CHSD 218 will develop healthy school climates by increasing positive student and staff interactions and creating opportunities for increased student engagement.
Worthy Target 1A
Maintain or reduce the number of negative incidents focusing on equitable practices across culture, gender, and development with the goal of increasing the positive perception of staff and students about their schools.
Worthy Target 1B
Increase student participation and engagement within our school communities as well as improve the quality engagement experience.
Worthy Target 1C
Improve the overall health and wellness of CHSD 218 to ensure maximum performance each and every day.
Worthy Target 1D
Using a multi-tiered support system (MTSS), identify students in need of academic or social emotional support, and provide these services to improve academic, attendance, behavioral, and social-emotional outcomes.
Worthy Target 1E
Implement and monitor culturally, developmentally, and socio-economically sensitive academic and behavior strategies, focusing on research- and brain-based approaches that will improve overall academic and social emotional interactions among members of the school community.
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