Eisenhower High School

Goal One: Positive School Climates

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CHSD 218 will improve and sustain an environment in which students and staff feel safe, supported, and engaged within their school as measured by growth on climate surveys and reduction in discipline data.
Worthy Target 1A: Safe
  • Disciplinarians will work with support staff to create programs that will reduce the number of student to student altercations, as well as student to staff incidents in order to increase the positive perception of staff and students about their schools.
  • CHSD 218 will create a safety plan and review our crisis plans to allow staff and students to feel more safe as measured by yearly perception survey data.
Worthy Target 1B: Supported
  • Support service personnel will provide more targeted interventions for students, in group or individual format, based upon the fall screener to improve student perception of feeling positive, safe, and supported.
  • Administrators will actively engage in the best hiring practices that will ensure the staff that is hired supports all District 218 students.
Worthy Target 1C: Engaged
  • Teachers will build strong Tier 1 instructional strategies that incorporate Culturally Responsive Teaching Standards, Social Emotional Learning Standards, and Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol strategies into lessons as measured by lesson plans and evaluation data.
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