Community High School District 218

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Goal One: Healthy School Climates

CHSD 218 will develop healthy school climates by increasing positive student and staff interactions and creating opportunities for increased student engagement.
Worthy Target 1A
Reduce the number of negative incidents between students, between students and staff, and safety incidents with a focus on equitable practices across culture, gender, and development.
Worthy Target 1B
Increase student participation and engagement within our school communities.
Worthy Target 1C
Improve the overall health and wellness of CHSD 218, as measured by improved staff and student attendance rates and other health-related indicators, to ensure maximum performance each and every day.
Worthy Target 1D
Provide academic and social-emotional supports to students in need using a multi-tiered support system (MTSS). Targeted Assistance Teams (i.e. TATs comprised of disciplinarians, social workers, psychologists, counselors, and other pertinent support staff who share a common caseload) will use data to determine appropriate interventions that will improve student outcomes (e.g. grades, attendance, engagement).
Worthy Target 1E
Implement and monitor culturally, developmentally, and socio-economically sensitive behavior strategies, focusing on research- and brain-based approaches that will improve overall interactions among members of the school community.