Eisenhower High School

Goal Two: Student Academic Growth

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CHSD 218 will create and sustain an academic community characterized by effective instruction and quality curriculum as measured by student growth on standardized and local assessments, post-secondary involvement (e.g. college, trades, military, full-time employment), freshmen on track for graduation, and graduation rates.
Worthy Target 2A: Instruction
  • Teachers will create quality lesson plans with accurate learning intentions and success criteria in each lesson as measured through the evaluation process and the professional development process.  
  • Teachers will participate in Professional Learning Communities that will allow them to provide responsive teaching as measured by PLC observation data and student data (grades, freshmen on track for graduation, credit data).
  • Teachers will build strong Tier 1 instructional strategies that incorporate Culturally Responsive Teaching practices, Social Emotional Learning Standards, Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol, and effective technology integration practices into lessons as measured by lesson plans and evaluation data. 
  • Teachers will exhibit research-based effective teaching strategies in their instruction as measured by walkthrough data and the evaluation process.
  • Teachers will use differentiated instruction to ensure all students are learning as measured by walkthrough data and the evaluation process.
Worthy Target 2B: Curriculum
  • The core curricula courses will have priority standards that are aligned to the Common Core Standards and will be infused within each lesson plan. Student progress towards mastery of priority standards will be measured by local assessment data.
  • Administrators will monitor a system of standardized assessments, including the SAT suite, that will inform our decisions regarding student learning and professional development to improve student growth on these measures.
Worthy Target 2C: Technology
  • Teachers will design differentiated lessons with technology that supports the attainment of 21st Century Skills (communication, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking) for students, as measured by walkthrough data and goal measurements.
Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan Strategic Plan