Eisenhower High School

Goal Two: Student Academic Growth

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CHSD 218 will create and sustain a vibrant academic community characterized by student growth on standardized and local assessments (including all subgroups), quality curricula and instruction, and innovative staff professional development.
Worthy Target 2A
Monitor a system of standardized and local assessments, including the SAT suite, that will inform our decisions regarding student learning and professional development to improve student growth on these measures.
Worthy Target 2B
Continue to develop and monitor a systemic professional development program to improve instruction of all certified staff based on identified priority standards derived from content/skill specific national and state standards, employee evaluations, and research indicating largest instructional impact (e.g. quality lesson design, feedback, questioning, classroom environment, student interactions).
Worthy Target 2C
Move to full integration of educational technology via the SAMR and TPACK frameworks and guided by the 4 C’s model (creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, communication), to strengthen instructional practices and improve student achievement.
Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan Strategic Plan