Special Education

CHSD 218 offers a range of individualized services and programs within the educational setting based on a child’s individual needs. The continuum of services refers to in-district and out-of-district placements. The district works collaboratively with the Eisenhower Cooperative and other private schools to efficiently meet the needs of students in the community who require these special services.

218 Continuum of Services from the Least Restrictive Environment to the most restrictive settings:

  • General Education Classroom with NO supplementary aides and services (i.e. accommodations and modifications). This is considered inclusion.
  • General Education Classroom with supplementary aides and services (i.e. accommodations and/or modifications). This is considered inclusion.
  • Co-Taught classes with Assessment Specialists and a classroom aide. This is considered inclusion.
  • Co-Taught classes with a special education teacher. This is considered inclusion.
  • Core or Foundation classes
  • Self-Contained Programming (e.g. Cross-Categorical Block)
(NOTE:  All special education students in the home schools spend part, if not ALL, of their day in general education classes.)
  • Separate In-District Programming (i.e. Summit)
  • Separate Out-of-District Programming (e.g. Elim, Parkland, Easter Seals, Joseph’s Academy)
  • Residential Programming
  • Home/Hospital Programming
Related services are any additional service (other than instruction) that a special education student may need in order to benefit from the education program outlined in his/her IEP (Individual Education Plan). These services can include:
  • Social Worker Services
  • Counseling Services
  • Psychological Services
  • School Health Services
  • Speech-Language Services
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Hearing Itinerant
  • Vision Itinerant
  • Transportation

Ms. Kerri Piscitelli
Director of Special Education
708-424-2000 x2562