Community High School District 218

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District 218 is committed to providing administrators, teachers, staff, students, and parents with the latest technology tools and knowledge for the 21st Century.
Visit the Educational Technology page to learn more about our 1:1 technology program!
 Administrative Center
Ms. Judi Keigher Technology Director x2870
Ms. Linda Fandl Administrative Assistant for Technology x2530
Mr. Jon Ferriter Educational Technology Specialist x2514
Mr. Jeff Fleming District Network Specialist x2860
Ms. Sandy Lakosil District Applications Specialist x2875
  Network Administrator x2880
Alan B. Shepard High School
Mr. John Reidy Network Specialist x3860
Ms. Karen Miller Applications Specialist x3870
Mr. Tim Ludwikowski Technical Associate x3850
Marlena Zakowski Technology Paraprofessional x3865
 Dwight D. Eisenhower High School
Ms. Kim Malysa Network Specialist x4850
Ms. Lorrie Mehalek Applications Specialist x4870
Ms. Lindsay Dahlke Technical Associate x4860
Ms. Luz Carrillo Technology Paraprofessional x4865
 Harold L. Richards High School
Mr. Rob Lind Network Specialist x5850
Ms. Susan Lehner Applications Specialist x5870
Mr. Adel Daifallah Technical Associate x5860
Ms. Marie Slowinski Technology Paraprofessional x5865
Delta Learning Center / Summit Learning Center
Mr. Daniel DeYoung Technical Associate x6860