Delta & Summit Learning Center

Outside Wi-Fi

CHSD 218 offers outside Wi-Fi for students and staff at all district locations!
  • Outside Wi-Fi is available in most parking lots and some fields.
  • A district-issued device (such as a student iPad) is required to access outside Wi-Fi. Public Wi-Fi is not available in the parking lots and fields.
  • A district-issued device will automatically connect to the Wi-Fi within the coverage areas. The green areas highlighted on the following maps have strong coverage.
  • A district-issued device will connect to the outside Wi-Fi at any CHSD 218 building. Students and staff members can connect at the nearest district location, even if it isn’t where they normally attend school or work.
  • If your district-issued device doesn’t connect, toggle the Wi-Fi off, wait 15 seconds, and then toggle the Wi-Fi back on.
  • Contact Tech Support if you have questions or need assistance with outside Wi-Fi.