Delta & Summit Learning Center

Employment Opportunities


Nicole Oskilanec

Employment and Training Coordinator

Palos Height, IL 60463


They provide homes for adults with disabilities. Positions available for 18 yr old w/Diploma and Internships in multiple areas.


DeMasti's Catering Inc.(See Mark or Kathy)

11915 Western Avenue

Blue Island, Il 60406


Reyes Coca-Cola:
When filling out the application, when you come to the section: How they heard about the opportunity in the College/ University School Name section put District 218 (see below). If you have already submitted an application please go back in and submit another application with this update on it. This will help the recruiter.
Please see below for the link to all jobs available at Reyes Coca-Cola Alsip location.

Astound Broadband(Signing Bonus)
Entry Level Positions(Must be at least 18 yrs old w/H.S. Diploma)