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Bachelor's Degree from Illinois State University, 2007
Master's Degree from Concordia University, 2013
2016-17 Classes:
Cross Categorical Behavioral Block
Re-Take Policy:
The re-take policy is as follows:
1) Students must complete and turn-in test corrections.
2) Students must complete a Review Packet on that unit.
3) Students are then able to schedule a re-take.
Students must complete their test corrections and do a unit review to be eligible to re-take a test.  This is done so I can see they have learned the material they did not master the first time they took the test.  After completing test corrections, students are then able to schedule a re-take, either with me or in the testing center.  All students are encouraged to take advantage of re-takes as it will not only help them to boost their grades but also to master concepts being taught in class. 
Boys Volleyball Head Coach
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