Community High School District 218

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Megan Brewczynski

Class Schedule
Period 1: Honors Anatomy and Physiology for Healthcare, Room B-127
Period 2:Honors Anatomy and Physiology for Healthcare, Room B-127
Period 3: PLAN, Room B-131
Period 4: Ecology
Period 5: LUNCH
Period 6: Honors Biology, Room B-127
Period 7: PLP
Period 8: Ecology, Room B-127
Phone: (708) 371-1111 ext 3380

Retakes and Extra Help


It is important to me that students learn the material presented in class and accurately communicate this knowledge to me.  I understand that there are times that a student may not perform up to standards on an exam.  Therefore, I do offer retakes for all district common assessments, provided that certain conditions are met. 


  1. All work for that unit must be completed.


  1. The student must complete a retake review assignment on the chapter and earn at least a 75% on that assignment.


  1. The teacher must be notified of the student’s intent to take the retake at least one day prior to the student retaking the test.


  1. The retake review assignment AND retake test must be completed within two weeks after the original test.



I will be available to help students Tuesdays from 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm and by appointment.  I can usually stay after if a student needs me to as long as I am notified one day in advance.