Community High School District 218

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Early Start

Benefits of Getting a Head Start: 
  • Students need a head start to be prepared for complex life and work environments
  • Students who can think critically, be creative, communicate, and collaborate, achieve more success in schools and in the future
  • Students need to be able to use their higher-order thinking skills, have analytical discussions, and challenge themselves academically
  • Students feel more connected to their schools when they have opportunities to work with their peers
Program Focus:
  • Building student sub-skills within the four core content areas: English, Math, Science, and Social Studies, and an elective (STEAM)
  • Building students’ social-emotional skills: Executive function, civic duty/school pride, and perseverance 


Families of incoming freshman will be mailed information regarding 2019 Early Start Programming in the spring.  Note:  Spots are limited