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Credit Union

Credit Union Membership is open to all current and former District 218 employees and their families. You must be a member with a complete application on file!
Withdrawals from savings are only a phone call away. Checks can be sent interoffice (received next day at your building), picked-up at the credit union office same day, or mailed directly to your home.
Credit Union Fact Sheet:
Payroll Deductions; Direct Payment; Direct Deposit
Interest paid fourth quarter, .60%
Bill Pay Through ACH (Electronic Payments)
Shared Secured Loan
2% - 60 Months Max
Shares match dollar for dollar per amount of loan.
New Automobile Loan 2.95% - 60 Months Max
Used Automobile Loan
2.95% - 60 Month Max
Used Auto Max Loan = Retail Value Price Digest Value
Education Loan
4.0% - 12 Months Max
Loan check dispersed to educational institution.
Signature Loan Up to $5,000 @ 12% - 48 Months Max
Loan Specials
Offered at Christmas & Springtime
Up to $4,500 @ 10% - 12 Months Max
*Quick Cash Loan/$999
12% - 12 Months Max
*Signature Loan Maximum Applies
All loans (except shared secured) have a $20 application fee.
Some Restrictions Apply - Please contact Credit Union to see if you qualify.
Total Maximum Loan(s) - $45,000
Rates Apply to Qualified Borrowers
You must be a member of the credit union to take part!
Business Hours as of September 1, 2021:
Monday, Wednesday, & Thursday: 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Closed: Tuesday, Friday, and Weekends
For membership information, please contact:
Colleen Dillon or Kathy Sarhage
Administrative Center
(708) 423-8065 or
(708) 424-2000 x2470
Voicemail requests will be handled promptly!