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2021-22 Semester 2 Return Letter from Dr. Harting

Dear CHSD 218 Community:

We are looking forward to the start of the second semester.  Our students return on Wednesday, January 5, 2022, in-person. Despite the recently surging numbers in both positivity percent and in case counts per 100,000; we feel that schools are still safe as long as mitigations are in place and we have the staff in place to receive the students. A key to keeping in-person learning going will be the need to keep students at home in the event COVID symptoms are present. Sending children to school who may not be feeling well may mean additional quarantines and the possibility that if students and staff become symptomatic, that we will have to quarantine a classroom, a school, or return to remote learning as a District. If students are not feeling well, please, please keep them home. 

In the event something changes with the State — for example, schools are mandated to pause, or staffing becomes an issue — we will communicate additional information to you as soon as possible.  It is very possible that some of this stuff could change over the next week or two, so please be prepared to be flexible.

The CDC has offered additional and changing guidance related to COVID-19. We have reviewed the guidelines and are prepared to implement these changes if adopted by IDPH. Generally, they reduce quarantine and isolation times, particularly for asymptomatic people. Until then, we will continue to adhere to our current practices. We will notify families if/ when we are able to modify our quarantine time frame. 

Once again, please be prepared for any sudden changes that may take place.  If there is anything we have learned about COVID, we have learned that it is unpredictable. Thank you for your cooperation as we once again navigate through COVID waters.  

If you have specific questions please contact your building administration. Welcome back to semester 2 of the 2021-22 school year!


Dr. Ty Harting
CHSD 218
Superintendent of Schools

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