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Goal Three: High Expectations

Strategic Plan
CHSD 218 will create and maintain high expectations for all students in all classes, regardless of class level or student ability, in order to increase post-high school success.
Worthy Target 3A
  • Beginning with the Class of 2027, every student will graduate CHSD 218 having accomplished one of the following:
    • Successful completion of an AP course
    • Successful completion of a dual credit course
    • Certificate in a CTE program
    • 100 hours of community service
    • Participation in the JROTC programs
    • Participation in general education courses (students with IEPs & ELs)
Worthy Target 3B
  • Teachers will instruct at high levels of professionalism by participating in comprehensive professional development programming.
    • Coaching
    • Induction & Mentoring
    • PLCs
    • Data-Driven Professional Development 
Worthy Target 3C
  • Administration will develop and implement systems and programs to ensure teachers are instructing at high levels of professionalism.
    • Responsive Professional Development
    • Curricular Audits & Revisions
    • Meaningful Evaluation Feedback
Strategic Plan Strategic Plan Strategic Plan Strategic Plan