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Phase 2: Blended Learning

During Phase 2, students will return to school through a blended learning schedule. A blended model of learning is one in which some students attend in-person instruction while others participate remotely. This model allows us to comply with the Illinois Department of Public Health social distancing requirements.
  • Students will remain in their assigned group, either Group A or Group B, based upon their last names. Reminder: Students in the same household will be grouped together, regardless of their last names.
  • Student groups will alternate between in-person instruction at school and live streaming at home via Zoom. For example, when Group A is receiving in-person instruction, Group B will be participating in the same class via Zoom from home. The following day, these two groups will switch.
  • Wednesday is an independent remote learning day for all students.
  • On in-person, at-school days, students will follow their schedules while adhering to all IDPH and CDC guidelines.
  • Some students may require more in-person instruction. Specific programs have been determined and notified.
Phase 2: Blended Learning - Daily Schedule
Phase 2