Google Meet and Zoom

During this time of school closure and remote learning, some teachers may use Google Meet or Zoom to host video meetings and provide live remote instruction. All of the school rules that apply to a normal classroom would also apply to a virtual classroom.
We understand that some students will not be able to attend live sessions and teachers will not require that students attend. Teachers may record video meetings so students can view the instruction at a later time. These recordings will only be available to students enrolled in the class and will be posted in Google Classroom or iTunes U. Teachers will not post virtual classroom recordings to YouTube or other public video sharing sites.
Teachers will announce at the beginning of a video meeting if it will be recorded. There is a red icon in both Google Meet and Zoom to indicate that a meeting is being recorded. If you don’t want your children to appear in recordings, please direct them to turn off the camera and microphone during video meetings. The graphic below includes steps to disable the camera and microphone for both Google Meet and Zoom.
If you have questions about the use of Google Meet or Zoom in a particular class, please send an email to the classroom teacher. You can find email addresses in the school staff directories.